Key note on Holland Bio Year Event

Prof Peter Punt presents his key note on the Holland Bio Year Event in Rotterdam on January 25th.

2nd generation Itaconic Acid on it’s way

We are happy to announce Veni Vidi Veridi (VVV) collaborative project is granted.

In this project Dutch DNA works together with partners DSD, Viride SuStra and the TU Delft to make residual agricultural streams available for high-quality applications.

Next to project coordinator, Dutch DNA’s role , within the VVV project is to deliver the biotechnology for robust and efficient fermentation of agricultural residual streams into Itaconic Acid. DDNA’s proprietary Aspergillus niger strains are currently at par with IA production on 1G sugars and possess a patented pathway that efficiently ferments 2G sugars into IA. This is a feat that the current standard for itaconic acid production, Aspergillus terreus, is not able to do.

The ambition of the consortium is to sustainably produce IA in a cost effective manner by further developing proprietary technologies and set up a IA value chain.

The project will take two years and starts first of January 2018.