Over 100 gr/l, joining the centennial club

Our industrious A. niger has joined the centennial club by being capable of producing more than 100 g/L protein titers. Possibly even more exciting than the protein titers is the remarkably low viscosity of our strain; a yeast-like fermentation produces filamentous fungus-like protein titers. This breakthrough in our platform strain will enable Dutch DNA Biotech to facilitate the transition to a bio-based economy in cooperation with our partners.

During the upcoming industrial fermentation conference ‘Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology’ (RAFT), held in Fort Myers, Florida, USA, at the end of October, our fermentation scientist Pascal van Alphen will share more information on these exciting fermentation results of our Aspergillus niger production host.

Developments on organic acid production

As a new addition to our research on metabolic pathway engineering, we have recently published the results of our research and collaborations in the framework of the ERA-IB TTRaFFIC project on Metabolic engineering and fermentation optimization improve itaconic acid production in Aspergillus niger.

In this paper we show how we have successfully improved our patented IA biosynthesis pathway by metabolic engineering of ATP-citrate lyase. Furthermore, we have improved the fermentation protocol, and combined with the improved pathway this has resulted in titers close to those required for commercial application of this technology. In addition to these results we have been able to show that the strains developed sofar are also able to produce high levels of itaconic acid on agricultural residues based feedstocks (research performed in the framework of the TKI-BBE project Veni Vidi Viride). Parties interested in this technology and the associated IP portfolio are invited to contact us (Cornelis.Mijnders@ddna-biotech.com).