Meet us online at NBC-20

On 10 November 2020, Peter Punt, Wouter de Bonte and Jean-Paul Meijnen will join the digital event of the Netherlands Biotechnology Congress and present a poster on the latest technological developments of DDNA’s hyper protein production system. Meet use online!

Meet us online at CLIB Digital Networking Day

On October 28, Peter Punt and Cornelis Mijnders will join the Digital CLIB Networking Day 2020 and give a pitch about the latest technological developments of DDNA’s hyper protein production system. Meet use online!

Sylvia Segers joins workshop on new legislation for modern biotechnology

On the 15th of October Sylvia Segers, PhD joins the online workshop  “Towards new legislation for modern biotechnology in the EU: Opportunity or burden for Dutch industrial microbiology sector?” organized by Wageningen Food Safety Research.

Meet Cornelis Mijnders at BIO IMPACT digital

Cornelis Mijnders will join BIO IMPACT digital 21st-23rd SEPT 2020. Meet Cornelis online!

Meet DDNA online: 3rd ECP summer summit

Cornelis Mijnders will join the 3rd ECP summer summit: meet DDNA online. Interested to talk further about using fungi as protein production host?

Meet us at ECFG15 in Rome

The 15th edition of the European Conference on Fungal Genetics (17-20 February) will be attended by Peter Punt and Wouter de Bonte. We are looking forward to share our recent advances in designing an industrial protein production host and show some intriguing research in the field of organic acid production. If you want to meet us, please send an email to: or

Over 100 gr/l, joining the centennial club

Our industrious A. niger has joined the centennial club by being capable of producing more than 100 g/L protein titers. Possibly even more exciting than the protein titers is the remarkably low viscosity of our strain; a yeast-like fermentation produces filamentous fungus-like protein titers. This breakthrough in our platform strain will enable Dutch DNA Biotech to facilitate the transition to a bio-based economy in cooperation with our partners.

During the upcoming industrial fermentation conference ‘Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology’ (RAFT), held in Fort Myers, Florida, USA, at the end of October, our fermentation scientist Pascal van Alphen will share more information on these exciting fermentation results of our Aspergillus niger production host.

Meet Cornelis Mijnders at EFIB in Brussels

Cornelis Mijnders, our Business Development Director, will join the EFIB 2019. He will present the latest results on strain development. For more questions please contact Cornelis:

Meet us at the PYFF7 conference

Jean-Paul Meijnen and Wouter de Bonte will attend the 7th Conference on Physiology of Yeast and Filamentous Fungi in Milan/Italy (24-27 June 2019). If you want to make sure you will get to talk to one of them, please send an email to:, and we will schedule a meeting.
Hope to see you at the conference!

Meet Ebru Alazi at RPP10 in Crete

Ebru Alazi will join and present at the Recombinant Protein Production conference in Crete, Greece (24-27 April 2019). For more information and to schedule a meeting: